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Are you a busy millennial woman struggling with burnout at work, finding it difficult to prioritize yourself? Do you struggle with communication breakdowns in your relationship, reproductive pain, and unrelenting anxiety? 

Many of my clients come to me because they are experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety, chronic period pain, and burnout. They feel the need to constantly say “yes” instead of practicing self-care and boundaries. Many of the women I see are child-free by choice and are unsure how to face uncomfortable questions from friends or family about this decision. 

I help women break the cycle of self-sacrifice, develop healthy communication patterns, and cultivate self-love. 

Society teaches us to say “yes” even when we’re stretched thin, fostering a pattern of self-neglect. We’re encouraged not to voice our concerns in relationships… even when our needs aren’t being met. We’re conditioned to tread lightly around the emotions of others to maintain “peace” — putting other people’s needs before our own.

But prioritizing your needs isn’t selfish. 

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In online therapy, I can help you acknowledge your needs and voice them in healthy ways. 

In online counseling for women, we work on boundary setting, deconstructing unhelpful thought patterns, and developing skills to cope with anxiety.

You deserve to say “no” sometimes. Full stop. 

Whether that’s at work or to friends and loved ones, you deserve to set realistic goals for yourself so you can show up in ways that feel good and are sustainable for you.

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If you are over extending yourself and having trouble getting your needs met, I know how you feel. 

I grew up in an alcoholic household and became the mediator of my family. I felt responsible for making sure everyone got along. I became hyper aware of how everyone was feeling and tried my best to hold it all together so we wouldn’t fall apart. I felt like what I was doing wasn’t enough, and subsequently, that I wasn’t enough, because nothing in my family dynamic changed.

In therapy, I help my clients deconstruct these harmful narratives of self-sacrifice and overextension, because your needs matter. 

When you’re taught to put yourself in uncomfortable or potentially detrimental situations to cater to other people’s comfort, you silence yourself and lose sight of the most important person in your life — you.

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Online Therapy in Florida and Oregon


Adult Children of Alcoholics

When you grow up with an alcoholic parent, you face unique and painful challenges. Maybe as a child, you were the family secret keeper. You were always afraid someone might find out about your alcoholic parent — and not just find out — but judge and reject you if they knew the truth. 

Maybe you grew up with intense fear — fear of your alcoholic parent lashing out, fear that something bad might happen — you got used to tiptoeing around so you wouldn’t set anyone off. You had to learn to anticipate moods, movements, and other people’s emotions for your own safety. You thought that if you were just “good” then everything would be okay. 

I can help you establish healthy boundaries and navigate difficult family dynamics so you feel empowered to prioritize your well-being. You don’t have to hold it all together anymore on your own. I provide a safe space for you to feel all of the feelings associated with growing up with alcoholism in the home — all the rage, the shame, the fear, the confusion, and the pain that comes with it. Therapy creates a safe space for you and your experience. In the therapeutic relationship, you can explore self-advocacy, boundary setting, and becoming attuned to your own needs.


Whether you’re struggling with anxiety at work, in your personal life, or ruminating on “what if” scenarios where you imagine the worst that could happen, I am here to equip you with the tools to rein in your distress and cultivate peace. 

Perhaps you are struggling to make peace with the past. Or perhaps you’re second-guessing your choices, wondering if you selected the right path. Whatever you may be anxious about, I’m here to help you sit with your fear, unearth the true source, and step into your power as a capable individual. Over time, you will gain clarity of thought. You will gain peace of mind. And you will reduce overwhelm. I offer a calming therapeutic presence and pull from mindfulness, CBT, EFT, and prolonged exposure therapy for trauma to best suit your needs. 


Setting healthy boundaries is a crucial aspect of self-care and maintaining balanced relationships. But so many of us were never modeled this important skill by our caregivers. In online therapy, I can help you recognize areas in your life where you’re lacking healthy boundaries, and then we can work together to create them. 

When you have healthy boundaries, you feel empowered to put your well-being first. Because you’re not burnt out and pouring from an empty cup, you’re more likely to foster healthy, reciprocal relationships at work and in your personal life.

Boundaries play a crucial role in keeping your peace. Online therapy can help you practice this crucial life skill. 

Communication Barriers

Many of my clients come to me because they are facing communication difficulties with their partner or loved ones that leave them feeling very sad and alone. Repeated arguments with a partner or spouse can be incredibly exhausting, perhaps even leaving you feeling hopeless about the future of your relationship. You might even be wondering if you’re with the wrong person. 

In therapy, we can discuss any difficulties you may be having in your relationships, such as a lack of passion, infrequent sex, feeling distant and cold toward your partner, or just struggling to get your needs met in general.

I offer a safe space for you to communicate your needs and advocate for yourself while also modeling healthy and open communication in our therapeutic relationship. 

Women’s Issues

Patriarchy dominates our culture. Oppressive systems are in place that continue to harm women and people of color. If you are facing challenges unique to being a woman in society, online counseling for women can offer a place to unpack the intersectionality of your identities and the ways in which society fails to support you. 

I’m particularly passionate about offering therapeutic support to women who are childless and/or childfree by choice. I know many women who have felt misunderstood or experienced microaggressions because they are not a parent. I value and recognize that part of your identity and strive to make you feel welcome and respected, always. 

As we nurture our therapeutic relationship, my goal is to gain a comprehensive understanding of your lived experience. I recognize that you’re trying your best to live and thrive in a system that’s built to oppress or marginalize women and other groups. 

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About Me

It’s truly an honor to witness clients begin to show up for themselves through the transformative process of therapy. I love seeing the light bulbs come on and witnessing how clients change the way they show up in the world. My areas of expertise include women’s issues and struggles with self-worth and burnout. I work with many of my clients on boundary setting, needs identification, cultivating healthy self-esteem, and relational challenges. I have a master’s degree in counseling psychology and a bachelor’s degree in psychology. I’m licensed as a mental health counselor in Florida and a licensed professional counselor in Oregon. I’m also a certified wellness coach and a registered yoga instructor. 

I also really enjoy being around animals. In my free time, I volunteer at an animal shelter, and I recently started a hobby farm where I raise chickens! I have one rescue cat and being in their company brings me so much joy and contentment. 

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What Is It Like to Work With Me?

I approach our online therapy sessions with a feminist, anti-racist, non-pathologizing lens. I use a holistic, person-centered therapeutic orientation, pulling from existential theory, EFT, transpersonal psychology, and CBT when appropriate. 

I’m here to hold space for your unique experience while also offering opportunities for you to reframe and let go of unhelpful patterns that are no longer serving you.

You are a multifaceted individual with a rich tapestry of experiences that shape your existence and how you engage with the world. I use a holistic approach in our individual therapy sessions as I know how crucial mind, body and spirit alignment is for health and well-being. Together we will examine your emotional, behavioral and spiritual needs, looking at you as a complete person. 

I am licensed to see individuals for online therapy in Florida and Oregon. I offer online counseling for women so you can see me from the comfort of your own home. (No commute!) 

It’s time that someone gives you the time, energy and space that you so readily give to others. 

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If you’re ready to…

  • Gain self-confidence
  • Feel less depressed, anxious, or lost 
  • Learn to trust yourself 
  • Feel empowered in relationships
  • Have healthier arguments with your partner
  • Heal codependency tendencies
  • Learn to say “no” and prioritize your needs and well-being
  • Take steps toward value-aligned goals 
  • Identify your needs, values and wants so you can voice them to others
  • Become more self-assured 
  • Challenge thoughts that are keeping you stuck in painful stories 
  • Heal harmful family dynamics

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